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  • When women find themselves on the other side of the law, everything changes in an instant. For most, when they're released, their singular goal is to reunite with their children. That's where the Hillsborough House of Hope comes in. - Read more

  • Mrs. Margaret Palmer was a volunteer counselor for women serving time in Hillsborough County Correctional Facilities, where she witnessed them make significant progress in their lives while incarcerated - only to face hardship and struggles after their release. Read more

  • The Hillsborough House of Hope helps women who are released from jail by teaching them job skills, showing them how to dress for an interview, or even just praying with them. Many are mothers who are trying to reconnect with their children. Read more

  • Hillsborough House of Hope, a faith-based nonprofit established in 1998, provides a support system for women transitioning out of correctional institutions. The organization provides positive reinforcement that aids in their personal, social, and professional rehabilitation. Read more

  • Linda Walker is taking her past and turning it into a better future for others. -  Read more                         

  • When Kayla Christianson entered the House of Hope, she said she was almost "physically,           emotionally and spiritually dead." - Read more

  • Hillsborough House of Hope has helped women turn their lives around for 14 years. Read more


  • Hillsborough House of Hope looks like any other typical home in the Tampa Bay area, but behind the doors there's a transformation taking place here. The house is a temporary transitional faith-based home for women being released from jail. Read more

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