"God help me to be the woman you created me to be; doing what you have created me to do."

- Margaret Palmer


Established in 1998, Hillsborough House of Hope is an organization committed to providing a support system for women transitioning out of correctional institutions and seeking positive reinforcement that aids in their personal, social and professional rehabilitation.


With the combined support of local partners and in collaboration with community friends, Hillsborough House of Hope addresses the immediate essential needs for women in transition, such as living accommodations, individual and group therapy, and job assistance. Women that participate in the Hillsborough House of Hope program are presented with the opportunity to start the healing process in a safe environment dedicated to helping them make progress and achieve success.


Our mission is to help formerly incarcerated women become the person God created them to be.


For years, Margaret Palmer was a volunteer counselor for women serving time in Hillsborough County Correctional Facilities. Over the course of her efforts, she witnessed many women make significant progress in their lives while incarcerated but then face hardship and struggle after their release. Sadly, Margaret saw many women serve their sentence and leave the system, only to return after failing to find support systems that could help them during their transition.  

A Christian woman, Margaret turned to the word of God for guidance on how she could help these women permanently leave a negative cycle. The Lord answered her call and provided Margaret with the courage and foresight to establish Hillsborough House of Hope.  The long and tedious journey began for Margaret to and she worked diligently to build a strong foundation for women seeking guidance, support and a chance to build new lives for themselves.


Since 1998, Hillsborough House of Hope has served as a beacon of hope for so many women living in the Tampa Bay area and we are thankful for the countless community partners that have worked with us to ensure Margaret’s vision remains a lasting legacy.


1. Hillsborough House of Hope will always be a Christian program.

2. Women who enter Hillsborough House of Hope will always be treated as human beings, not numbers.

3. The mission of Hillsborough House of Hope is bigger than any of us.

4. Hillsborough House of Hope is only as strong as its Board of Directors.